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Nanocoating ensures clean toilets and saves water

Nanocoating ensures clean toilets and saves water

Many regions of the world have long suffered from water shortages. The climate change and the resulting ever heat waves more frequent care, according to a study by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) that even in Germany , the groundwater level decline and the supply of drinking water is regionally scarce.

In the future, this water shortage will not only threaten the direct supply of households and industry, but will also make the food supply of the world’s population less secure.Despite the obvious problems, according to current estimates, around 141 billion liters of water are used daily for flushing the toilet alone.

This is mainly due to human droppings, which often cannot be removed in a flushing process and leave residues in the toilet . Scientists from Pennsylvania State University in University Park have now presented a concept that can save a large part of the water used for flushing the toilet.

Dirt and bacteria-repellent nano coating:

As study leader Tak-Sing Wong explains, “The scientists have developed a biologically inspired, dirt and bacteria- repellent coating that makes a toilet essentially self-cleaning.” According to the article published in the journal Nature Sustainability , this nano-coating could significantly reduce the consumption of flushing water.

The coating is applied in two layers with a spray to the ceramic surface of the toilet. The first layer consists of a nanostructure made of polymers . According to Wong, “when dried, this substance forms molecules that look like hairs and have a diameter that is about 1,000,000 times thinner than that of a human hair.” The researchers used plants that have a lotus effect to create a similar effect Structure is triggered. The extremely smooth structure that formed the first layer is then reinforced by the second spray, which applies a thin layer of lubricant to the microscopic hair structures.

Keep the toilet Clean:

There are many different ways to keep the toilet clean. Not only the cleaning agent, but also the cleaning brush, the type of cleaning process and other things are decisive factors.

At the beginning of the topic of keeping the toilet clean, you should know that the material of your toilet can also play a major role. If you  should buy a toilet in the near future , make sure to use high-quality sanitary ware. This has a special protective layer called nano-coating, lotus effect, etc., which ensures that dirt and lime beads off well (compared to the lotus flower). In addition, a toilet with an open flush rim also promises that you can save yourself the annoying, hard-to-reach cleaning behind the flush rim.

That is why you should focus better on the quality of the material than on saving a few euros, as this is an acquisition for many many years. In addition, toilet cleaning is made a lot easier every week.

Coating can be applied to toilets afterwards:

According to the scientists, applying the nano-coating is straightforward and can also be done at home by laypersons in about five minutes. Once applied, the coating can withstand about 500 rinses before the slip layer has to be applied again.

In addition to easier cleaning and the water saved as a result, the surface coating also prevents bacteria from settling in the toilet. In addition to unpleasant smells, this also prevents the transmission of diseases.

Better hygiene in developing countries:

In addition, the coating could also improve hygiene in developing countries. At the moment, sanitary facilities without water flushing are often used there. As Wong explains, “the enormous pollution on these toilets is not only unpleasant for the user, but also poses serious health risks.” A waterless toilet with the new coating is not absolutely clean, but is a significant improvement compared to the current situation represents.

Some of the researchers involved in the development have now founded a company to bring the nano-coating onto the market. According to Wong, “It is his goal to invent things that everyone can benefit from.” The newly founded company should help to achieve this goal.

Why keeping a regular toilet clean makes sense

Quite simply, no matter what, if you do not lend a hand for a long time, it is quite difficult and tedious to get a thing clean. If you want to keep the toilet clean in an environmentally friendly way, you don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals with regular toilet cleaning.

So the longer you wait, the more stubborn dirt, like urine stone, will settle. For your information, a urine stone consists of over 90% lime. The “cleaning cocktail” must be correspondingly more blatant when the toilet needs to be descaled . For very tough cases, either use a special descaling tablet or citric acid. Of the latter, 3 deciliters are sufficient, which can ideally be added to the toilet overnight and diluted with sodium bicarbonate the drain the following day.

How exactly do you keep the toilet clean?

A toilet brush helps with basic cleanliness after using the toilet. The Herzilein von Prowin is definitely to be recommended here . Why read here .

Otherwise, a regular cleaning action is recommended on a weekly basis. This ensures that there are little unpleasant smells floating around in the hygiene area of ​​your home. On the other hand, it also guarantees a certain hygiene standard, which you can screw up or down in frequency as you wish and also as required (1- or even 6-person household).

Nobody likes to clean the quiet place so much, but with the right technique and routine it is a very simple and quick matter. When cleaning the toilet, be sure to select a sanitary cleaner based on citric acid. This acid is extremely effective against stubborn dirt and at the same time protects people and the environment. Those who prefer environmentally friendly products can use the  EU Ecolabel as a guide .

Strong Acids usage:

With strong acids, such as hydrochloric acid, you should act carefully, because the skin can be damaged when touched. In any case, rubber gloves made of latex should be used, for example, to protect against germs and bacteria.

Particular attention should be paid to the toilet lid. The toilet seat is usually the location of the largest germ occurrence. Therefore, clean the areas thoroughly and preferably once too much rather than too little.

Those who are admittedly simply too convenient to clean the toilet at regular intervals will find the solution in a self-cleaning toilet lid. However, these are primarily marketed commercially and are often found in the sanitary facilities of motorway service areas. You are currently only offered very little in online department stores, such as Amazon.


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